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French Bulldogs make one of the best companion dogs in the world. They are small, easy to handle and are generally well behaved around new people and other animals. Frenchies have a reputation for being mischievous and clownish, stealing attention whenever and wherever possible. This little dog adores people and craves constant attention and companionship. They don't need a lot of exercise, but love to chase balls and play (indoors or out) during the day, and at night are more than happy to curl up and relax on the sofa. This breed makes an excellent companion for the elderly, but they can fit in well with families of all sizes and ages. French Bulldogs may have faces only a mother could love, but to know a French Bulldog is to love a French Bulldog.

Size and Weight
French Bulldogs are small, standing approximately 12 inches at the shoulder and weighing in between 25-28 pounds. In the show ring, any dog over 28 pounds is automatically disqualified by AKC standards, but other standards are less strict on the weight requirement. Companion Frenchies probably should not weigh much more than 28 pounds in order to maintain good health.

Coat and Color
French Bulldogs sport a short, shiny, smooth coat. They have loose, wrinkled skin at the head and shoulders. Frenchies come in a wide variety of colors including fawn, cream and brindle. The brindle may be black brindle, tiger brindle, or brindle pied, which is brindle and white. In the show ring, all colors are acceptable except solid black, liver, mouse and black with white or tan. None of these colors, however, disqualify a Frenchie from being a champion companion dog.

Grooming Needs
French Bulldogs are easy to groom at home, as they don't require clipping of the coat. Brush weekly to keep the moderately-shedding coat looking shiny and healthy. As a puppy, it is important to handle the Frenchie's feet as often as possible. They don't wear down their toenails naturally, so monthly clippings are a must. If the dog does not like to have his feet handled, this can require trips to the vet's office on a regular basis. They only need to be bathed as needed, and most owners can do this in the kitchen sink or a bathtub, with little fuss from the dog.

Brush the dog's teeth several times a week, as Frenchies can develop ripe halitosis. Regular brushing also keeps teeth and gums healthy and can prevent tooth loss later in life. Clean the dog's ears on a regular basis with a damp, warm cloth. Never stick a cotton swab in the dog's ear canal. If his ears are dry, a dab of baby oil rubbed into the edges will help sooth and heal the skin. This remedy can also be applied (sparingly) to a dry nose.

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